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Maximise your business’ competitiveness by maximising your data's usefulness. Data engineering is important to enable your business to effectively harness your data. Our team of qualified experts will listen to your business needs and wants, examine your raw data and underlying architectures, and design and build your data ETL pipelines using state of the art industry standard tools, hosted either on premises or on the cloud. Tools we use include Python, R, Spark, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, to enable you to gain maximum usability for your cases.


Being forewarned allows one to be forearmed. Many businesses leverage advanced technologies like predictive modelling and AI to optimise their business processes and objectives.


Examples of our capabilities include:


  • Time series modelling for sales forecasting.

  • Customer behaviours and churn modelling, to predict and mitigate customer attrition.

  • Customer sentiment analysis from social media to uncover insights from customer comments, brand mentions and trending topics and optimise responses for enhanced customer experience.

  • Recommendation engines for e-commerce.

  • Geospatial analyses to determine the best location to open a new store branch.

  • Image recognition for medical diagnoses.

  • Optimise communications for targeted marketing campaigns or brand positioning, using Natural Language Generation.

  • Developing customised Generative AI models that create personalised content for websites (text, images, video) or enhance user engagement though chatbots.


Our team is well versed in the latest data science technologies, such as Python, R, Tensorflow, Spark, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and other AI technologies.


We can work closely with you to understand the way your business works and produce the best bespoke solutions to ensure that your business always has the competitive advantage.



Visualise powerful insights from data. Our data consultants can develop custom dashboards using technologies like Python, Power BI and Tableau, specifically tailored to the needs of clients to reveal the unique intricacies behind their business and develop solutions which will enable them to improve their operations, decision making and the quality of services they offer. 


Insights: Whether it’s through our custom-made dashboards or using some of the state of the art visualization tools we are able to transform your data into meaningful and easily digestible information and enable speedy and high quality decision making within your organization. Our dashboards will  provide insights which can be used in both day to day operations and guide your long term direction.


Training and Maintenance: We provide training to your teams on how to most effectively use the dashboards as well as providing scheduled maintenance services to ensure you always have accurate data views.

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